{It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

If you haven’t been to this site:


march yourself over and check it out. His name is Andy and seems like a pretty cool dude and he’s a fantastic artist. If you sign up for his newsletter, you’ll get a freebie from him once a week and he even makes this cool little graphic video to go with it. You know how I dig cool little things like that, so I was hooked.

I’m not affiliated and I’m not being bribed to say this (though will happily take chocolate) just so you know.

Anyway, he has this cute little graphic called lime martini and I need a birthday card for tomorrow. He offers it in a few different formats, so you can use it as a print and cut (which is what I did here), or you can do a cut out of it and put it together (more work than I want to do today), or he gives it to you as a “digi stamp” so you can color it in yourself (again, more work than I want to do today).

I had a hard time making this card come together. Do you have something in your mind and when you put it together, you think, “aaahhh, crap, I should have done that….”

(You probably don’t say “crap” because you don’t have the mouth I have. I actually say much worse words, but I try to do it out of the vicinity of innocent ears.)

But my laziness kicked in and I decided that the changes I’d make aren’t worth the time I’d need to do it all over again.

Instead of bitching, I’m just gonna post it:

Like how I pimped out the bubbles with the bling bling? I do.

I pulled the green for the text out of the lime on the graphic, but I think on hindsight, I would have gone a little darker. But oh well.

I got a perfect print and cut. I put a .02″ inset on the graphic and didn’t get any white edges (the white you are seeing is the core of the paper).


Hope you are having a happy Sunday. I’m going to go to Costco and pick up the cakes I ordered, make the lemonade for tomorrow, and be done with all that by 6 pm so I can plant my butt in front of the TV and watch True Blood. I watch the Eastern one so I can see it 3 hours earlier. I don’t want to wait anymore!!!

Wish me luck that my ceremony goes well. I get very nervous getting in front of parents and speaking. I thought it would get easier, but it still scares me a lot!

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One Response to {It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

  1. Kwilt says:

    Oh my goodness stop your whining!!! Here’s your pat on your back already!!! *tap-tap-tap
    It’s FANTASTIC!!! LUV the bling…looks good enough to sit and enjoy.
    You will do a great job at the ceremony. No need to fret…parents are just big kids in big underpants…and you have the power to send them to the office. 😉

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