{oh the places you’ll go…

I hope you know this book. If not, check it out. It’s one of my favorites. I use it as the theme of a ceremony I have to put on next week for my students at my school who are reclassifying fluent English.

Feel free to skip this paragraph if you don’t want to hear the details of what reclassifying is about. It is a big deal for these kids. Imagine how scary it is to go to a new school in the first place, but imagine how scary it is if you speak a language other than English. Not only do you have to learn the language, but simultaneously you have to keep up with the content standards at your grade level. One of my jobs is to help English learners reclassify as fluent English. I try really hard to do this before they go on to middle school otherwise they are taking English classes instead of electives. Not fun at all. I look at their test scores and the scores on an English test I’m required to give them annually (I’ve tested 553 students this year. Go me. Actually there is a ‘we’ in that me because I have an awesome team who helps me, since we only have about six weeks to do the entire thing. Fun, right?)

As part of the ceremony, I take their picture and create a slide show where they tell me why reclassifying is important. I put music to it and everything. It’s really cool. Then I take a hard copy print of the picture and put it in one of these frames.

That’s my pile of 64 frames. I cut the frames out with the KNK maxx. My poor blade was on its very last leg (it is over 6 months old, probably about time to change that thing). Then I used the SIL to do a print and cut of the cloud and the title that I scanned off of the book.

I have a picture of one frame by itself but it turned out blurry. I’m too lazy to reshoot it, so here you are:

I finally ran my SIL mat through my Xyron 9″ thingie with repositionable glue and let me tell you, it is now the best mat I’ve ever worked with. The paper doesn’t stick too much, but does what it needs it to do. I had a couple problems along the way, so take my advice if you plan to do this to your mat:

1. Put the mat in the xyron upside down or you will sticky the wrong side. My mat is now double-sided sticky so I had to put something on the bottom to not gum up the machine.

2. Don’t leave newly-stickied mat on the floor. You will most likely step on it and get it stuck to your foot.

3. Save the file you are making because if you happen to crash the program right AFTER you’ve printed 64 sayings and right BEFORE you cut them out, it will be wasted because you won’t get them lined up again.

Oh wait, #3 doesn’t belong there. Oh well. All this happened to me last night.

I have 60 students reclassifying (I made 4 extra frames in case I goof up) so I need to take 60 portrait photos in the next couple of days so I can get them processed, printed and put into the frames. Go me.

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2 Responses to {oh the places you’ll go…

  1. Amber says:

    Really cute, Deb! I use this as my theme, too! Next year I will ask you to make frames for me :)!!!

  2. djmom70 says:

    ha ha ha! I think I stole the idea from you. I don’t come up with this stuff on my own!

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