{To a ‘Wheelie’ great Dad…

This is what happens when you wait until 10 o’clock on the Saturday night before Father’s Day to make the man a card.

This is the original picture:

(and yes, I was driving on the freeway and taking a picture at the same time. Not one of my better moments, so go ahead and lecture me. In my defense, I just held the camera up and took the picture without looking.)

I took it into Photoshop and cut out the man and his Reaper (yes, he named his motorcycle, just go with it… I guess I call my car the Debmobile, so we are both weird).

I brought it in to MTC for the trace and did a print and cut.

I know it’s a little lousy but keep in mind:

a. I was tired.
b. I had a few of those Schmirnoff (sp?) wine coolers. Them are good!
c. I had been in the jacuzzi for two hours until my skin had wrinkled into an old person’s
d. it was late at night (for me, anyway).

So the trace isn’t the greatest because it is working off my lousy Photoshop extract. Then my printer picked that moment to run out of ink in one of the colors, so it looks really dark.

I used black paper because the man likes black and just used a white ball point because I was way too lazy to do anything else by that point.

So on the inside I wrote, “To a “Wheelie” great dad.”

Anyway, he loved it, so that’s all that really matters, right?

I’m going to try to redo it and see if I can’t get a better extract in Photoshop so the front wheel doesn’t look so tweaked.

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2 Responses to {To a ‘Wheelie’ great Dad…

  1. Tasha says:

    Looks good. I got Andy a gift and made him his fave dinner. Jonas made him a card, I however did not. I’m pregnant and tired and apparently full of excuses 🙂 In a few weeks I’ll have a newborn and that will be my new excuse for never getting anything done..

  2. I think you did a great job!!! Thanks for sharing this.

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