Abadilla Photo

I have a little side job which is creating wedding albums for a photographer.

Doesn’t he take fantastic pictures? I just want to get married all over again because my wedding pictures are shite. No amount of photoshop is recovering them either. I’ve ended up converting a lot of them to black and white and running a filter on them so they have a dreamy look to them.

When someone takes fantastic pictures, it sure makes it simple to design a layout with them. I did this page:

{click here}

This one too:

{click here}

A couple other of those are mine as well.

Hope these links work. He has them on some sort of a flash player so I can’t download them and just post them here. I guess I could go get them off my other computer…

Anyway, I call him Obi1 because photography he teach me, yesssss…. oh wait, that was Yoda. Oh well, he’s one of those too, I guess.

We met on the sidelines of a soccer game. Our daughters have been on the same soccer team for quite a few years now and I showed him a Shutterfly book I made and he wanted to know if I had any formal training. (I really didn’t, unless you count the years I worked for my parents in their sign and engraving shop). I am self-taught in Photoshop, which I think impressed him just a little.

I did have a Nikon camera (D80) at the time, in which he would tease me about in jest. Even though I sold it and bought a Canon system, it was a good camera. I wanted a camera that he could operate so he could teach me stuff on it. I now own a Canon 7D and when I don’t want to lug that heavy-ass thing around, I carry my little Canon G12. I love them both.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I’m procrastinating! He gave me a new wedding album to work on and I need to go sit down and get that thing finished. Which I’m going to shake my laziness and do right now…

Speaking of lazy, my principal called me LAZY yesterday. As I looked at her in horror (that she had caught on to how I really roll), she said that I have a laziness to me that inspires me to find ways to simplify my tasks so I don’t have to spend so much time on them (I’ve been computer-geeking-organizing my job because there is so much damn paperwork and it frankly annoys me to have to write so much when there are these magical programs called Excel and Word that using a magical feature called MAIL MERGE, eliminates the need to write all this b.s. by hand when you can drop names into a document and print them out in five minutes.)

Whoa! How was that for a run-on sentence???

So, at first, while I was a little bit offended (and thinking, ‘shiiiiitttt, she’s GOOD!’), it really was a compliment.

All right, all right, I’m getting to work. I’ll post some sneaky peeks of it later if Nick lets me… I always put them on my private blog, but I need to get permission to put them on one the whole world can see.

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