{Team KNK….

First of all, let me preface this by saying I don’t usually do the design team thing. I just don’t apply and am perfectly happy checking out all the wonderful stuff everyone else makes…

So when I was asked to be on Team KNK, I was honored and said, “Of course!!”

All I have to do is make a project once a month and show it to you on this cool blog:


I think you are gonna see some uber-cool stuff and check out the first post with the doll made of fun foam. Omayra created this and I’m kind of thinking the bar has been set high.

I just hope whatever I come up with doesn’t suck.

That would, well, suck.

I almost said “Happy Monday” but forgot it was really Tuesday today. My whole day has been like that.

So I’m noodling. I think my first day is in July. I picked a day waaaay out there because June is too crazy with work. I had Maxx busy on Sunday cutting out 64 4×6 picture frames for a ceremony I’m getting ready to put on at work. Just for future knowledge, when you have to bump up your force to 110 to cut cardstock, your blade is very, very, very dull. I’m trying to get every last bit out of this blade (it’s over 6 months old). Usually to cut cardstock, I think I set the force around 75ish or so. It’s been slowly inching up there as the blade gets worse. I also think I’m due for a new mat because it is as old as my machine, but I’ll try to get every last bit I can out of that thing as well.

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One Response to {Team KNK….

  1. Kwilt says:

    Congrats Deb!!! It’s so awesome they contacted you. I can’t imagine you would worry about running out of ideas…you have such a great imagination!

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