{The ipod shuffle…

I have one of those 60 gig iPods (remember when they had the little wheel? I own that one!) and it now lives in the Debmobile and spends its time on shuffle. Half the time I’m skipping through the songs because I have to be in the mood for what I’m listening to. Here’s what was on the pod this morning. I have a wide range of musical taste, but I don’t do country. NO way. Sorry.

“The Wantan Song” Led Zeppelin…
Why do they call it the Wantan song? Were they eating Chinese food or something when they wrote it? Who knows and who cares. It has a frickin’ awesome guitar riff to it and it wakes me up better than coffee.

“Don’t Phunk with my Heart” The Black Eyed Peas. I love the Peas. They rule. Also a great car song. I like to try to make the speakers go boom. I’m pretty sure I blew out the ones in the mommy van when I owned it and have probably done the same to the current Debmobile. I got a little worried when my kids were failing their hearing tests at the doctor a couple weeks ago, but it turned out the machine wasn’t working right. If they go deaf, it’s my fault.

“Hopelessly Devoted to You” Olivia Newton John. Wasn’t really in the mood for this song, but I think I may have owned the Grease soundtrack on 8-track. I think I played that song until it broke. So I let it play and sung it at the top of my lungs. I can’t sing for shit, but I like doing it so I do and don’t care.

“Crystal Ball” by Styx. I love, love Styx. I love Styx. I don’t love that Dennis DeYoung is no longer in Styx. My second LP record ever owned was “Paradise Theater” by Styx. My first was Foreigner 4 because the neighbor gave it to me. I should say the first album I ever purchased was “Paradise Theater.” I don’t think I owned the one Crystal Ball is on, but I owned all the rest of ’em. I had a huge crush on Tommy Shaw, the guitarist when I was eight years old. I was pretty sure I was going to marry him when I grew up. I didn’t.

“The Best Days” Matt White. I love, love love this song and love when it comes on when I’m driving. I believe it was on the Hotel for Dogs sound track, but I own Matt’s album, don’t know which one, but that song is on it and I like the rest of the album as well. This song makes me smile.

“Follow your Bliss” by the B-52s. This song is the last track on “Cosmic Thing.” I love the B-52s. Who else would sing about a dog dyed dark green with appliques and a bonnet? Or wigs? I love “Dry County” The best part is the beginning. “What? Get a Job,” “I’m trying to thiinnnkkk.” Follow Your Bliss is an instrumental song, but it’s pretty cool.

I realized Celine Dion is on the Pod and I’m sorry folks. She must be removed. I can’t stand her. I guess I went through a period where I liked her but the Titanic song got over played and the only other one I really liked was “If you ask me to.” The rest of the songs, in my humble opinion, are shite. If you must discontinue reading me because of this, I completely understand.

I arrived at work by the time “Follow Your Bliss” was playing. I hope everyone does it. I should have named my blog that, but I like Krap I Kreate much better. I was going to name it “Under the Table and Dreaming.” Can you name the artist?? Can you??

There will be a test later so study.

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One Response to {The ipod shuffle…

  1. Kwilt says:

    I’m terrible at Name That Tune. Hubby would be your phone a friend for that.
    My guess: Captain Morgan??? LOL
    Oh wait, that’s rum and not a real guy…I don’t think. but anyhow that’s what happens when the Captain is in the house…or backyard. 😉
    You must have some drive to work to get all them songs in. I’m three minutes from work, and usually don’t put the music on. But there’s usually the voices in my head are singing! ha! HATE Celine. She was put in the cd player at work over the winter and I had to rip it out. When I woke up and the voices are mimicing her screaming “All By Myself”…it made me wish she was. : /

    still didn’t get to that avatar…it’s kind of growing on me…disturbing as it is.

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