{Is it Monday?

1. It drizzled on my clean, finally washed car. I used to say that if you ever want it to rain, I will wash my car and it will be on like Donkey Kong. Now it’s it will rain between 48 hours and 1 week after I wash my car. Because if it rained within 48 hours, I would be able to take it back and get a free re-wash. Grrr.

2. Locked myself out of my office within 5 minutes of getting here. I haven’t done that in about a week or so, so guess I was due.

3. Left my iPhone… actually I don’t know where. I’m hoping it’s in my car. Boy child went to school with a stomach ache and if he barfs and I need to go get him, I guess I need a way for them to reach me.

4. Signed myself up for a Saturday training for work. All day. Why did I do that? What was I thinking? But I just found out I’m getting breakfast, lunch and $150. So I’m a bit happier about that one now. And here I thought I was giving up my Saturday out of the goodness of my heart. I’ll bring my iPad and sit in the back like I always do. Life will be good.

5. Argued with Girl Child most of the morning. She had a fit because we were out of paper bags. I asked her if she wanted me to snap my fingers and make them appear again because if I could snap my fingers, I would put the mute button on her for about twenty minutes.

6. Had a nightmare last night. This would be because the Mister decided to watch a scary movie before we went to sleep. I woke up hearing voices and was sure I was going crazy. It turned out, it was…

7. The TV. Apparently it turns itself on at odd hours of the night. Last night before bed, Mr. KIK said the tv was on in the patio room. I had just been out there and it wasn’t on. I thought, “self, you are going crazy.” Then I thought, “Self, you are going crazy because you are talking to yourself.” Then I just quit thinking. It seemed to be safer.

8. I wondered if the neighbors had this super power remote and was controlling our tv to mess with us. That would be awesome. But it turned out the tv is just effed up so I unplugged it. If it turns on after that, I’m going to be really freaked out. And no more scary movies for me.

9. I am sick, sick, sick of testing. I imagine the kids feel the same way. We have to sit in a room for four hours and be quiet. Um, yeah, you see why you are getting so much blog crap from me? I have adult undiagnosed ADHD. I’m sure of it.

10. Boy child and I were playing Family Feud on the iPad yesterday. Question, “What do moms like to do in their spare time?” Boy child’s answer, “Play on the computer all the time.”

Does he know me or what?

Off to find my iPhone. POS. Don’t get me whining about the lack of iPhone upgradibility (like how I make up words??)

I need to go back to bed. Excuse my crankiness. Maybe I just need chocolate.

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