{The Great EGG drop…

Yep, Kathy guessed it right off. The janitor (actually we call them B.S.S.’s) stood on the roof of the school and dropped everyone’s creations. Unfortunately, girl child’s broke. She thinks it may have broken when she was trying to get the egg out. I think she used quite a bit of duct tape.

One that survived? The watermelon. Someone cut open a cantaloupe, put the egg in there, then cut open a watermelon and put the cantaloupe in there. The watermelon shattered, but the cantaloupe was still okay.

We’ll know that now when it’s Boy Child’s turn in a couple years. I think he is already plotting how he will do it. Knowing him, he will know the velocity and all that math involved with the whole thing. He will know what percent chance his egg will have of breaking. Because that’s how he rolls.

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One Response to {The Great EGG drop…

  1. Kwilt says:

    Ahhhh…I thought for sure she designed a winner! what fun though! I never thought of using watermelon and cantaloupe! That must have been a screamer when it hit the ground. Got me thinking, what if you filled a balloon with water and put the egg in it, and then wrap it inside a rubber chicken. huh…you just might find me up on the roof this weekend! 😉

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