{Dear Mr. Jobs…

Where is my iPhone5? Yeah, you make an announcement that we are getting ‘the cloud’ and you make the announcement that we are moving on through the zoo with an OS update called “The Lion”

But no iPhone5? Or not even an iPhone4S?

Come on, dude! I am addicted to your products like a dog likes to lick its unmentionables.

You put something out there and I feel like I have to buy it. Whether I need it or not. I want a new iPhone. I want the camera to be better than the POS that is on this one.

I want it NOW.

Didn’t you know, my real name is Veruca Salt?

Veruca Salt

Dammit. I forgot how to embed videos. I hope it works because I’m blocked from youtube right now.

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One Response to {Dear Mr. Jobs…

  1. Kwilt says:

    LOL!!! you’re too funny!!!!

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