{What is this??

Girl child had to create this for school. She did it on her own because we believe kids should do their own projects because they will be doing their own projects in middle school and high school.

Any guesses??

I’ll be back later to tell you what it is and what it’s for. I think it’s rather cute. But that’s just because anything my child creates is cute. Unless it’s a mess in my patio room. I’ll take a picture of her “craft workshop” one of these days. It’s nearly as bad as mine.

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4 Responses to {What is this??

  1. Kwilt says:

    It’s for an egg drop. Put a raw egg in the basket part all wrapped up in cushion and other softness. She attached the balloons so when it’s dropped from a second story window, the balloons will help it float down to the ground so the eggs don’t smash. 🙂 That’s my story.

  2. djmom70 says:

    Dang it. You got it!!!

    Did you order your machine yet? 🙂

  3. Kwilt says:

    YAY!! I win! I’ll take it over easy with a side of hashbrowns…unless it didn’t work. Then I like my scrambled eggs moist, but cooked well. 🙂
    It actually took me a few minutes to figure it out…I’m sure she’ll get an A for it!! It’s well thought out!
    I’m such a scaredy cat! I just emailed Sandy with the question about the SIL. Hopefully I’ll seal the deal before bedtime…which just might be around 1 or 2 am if I’m freaking out! ;p

    …hey…what in the world is that avatar by my name?? A samuri fir tree doing a hoochie dance? I gotta see if I can change that!

  4. djmom70 says:

    lol!!! Go to gravatar.com and upload one and then the hoochie tree will go away 😉

    I actually just lost an egg bet. There is a picture of me floating around with a broken egg on my head. Turned out it WASN’T boiled.

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