Look what a co-worker brought for me!!

On MTC and on Twitter, I use the handle “djhippychick” because I got tired of “djmom70” and needed something a little more interesting. I’m not a hippy, but I am a chick and I love all the bright colors in that paper stack!!

Thanks E! You rock!! I kid you not, she is one of the best teachers at our school. And I’m not saying this because she reads my blog. She does some great stuff in her classroom. I keep promising to work with her on MTC. I need to do that because she is one creative person and once she gets a handle on MTC, she’ll be a creating mad woman!

Last night we went to the kids’ open house at their school. I dragged Mr. KrapIKreate along because I’m pretty sure the school was starting to think I’m a single parent because the mister feels that he’s done his time in school and never wants to go again.

I cut the letters out for girl child and she glued them on to her display board for her science project. I made her some candles, but forgot to take a picture of them. d’oh.

The worst thing is when your child points to a bunch of paintings and asks which one you like best. You can’t see the name on them so you are hoping you will pick the right one. I love hibiscus flowers so I went right for that one. Luckily I was right. Whewwww!

I’m not sure what this is supposed to be, but it’s neat and my child made it so it’s a master piece in my eyes.

Boy Child is not as into the artsy fartsy stuff as his sister. Still, I was proud of his attempt. While he is a genius at math and great at reading, his penmanship is… well, it’s a lot like mine. Let’s put it that way.

He was all about the dissecting of the squid. Can you say EWWWWW? It stunk too. I love to eat calamari, but after witnessing the squid body part removal, I’m not sure I want to eat those again. I’m the immature parent who pointed to his drawing of the squid and its body parts and said, “You wrote ANUS” and cackled. Yeah, I went there. He walked away from me really fast. I don’t blame him.

Finally, I leave you with this. Isn’t it beautiful? She uses my djmom70 account on youtube because she is not allowed to use her name or face so she drew that picture and wrote that. It sooooo touched my heart.

I did have to go into my account and remove all my True Blood and Eric Northman videos off of it. I don’t think she should be watching those. I also discovered this morning that I probably shouldn’t be listening to “Damn it feels good to be a gangster” when the kids are in the car because the words in that song can seriously fill up my nonexistent cuss jar.

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