{Check this out…

It’s a $27 die for your Sixxix die cutting thingie. It’s cool, right? Well, someone posted this on the Make the Cut! board and it didn’t take long for one of the smarty pants over there to make it. There are some seriously smart and creative people over there, so there is no sarcasm coming out of my mouth as I say this (for once).


SandyH designed the file almost exactly. Isn’t it gorgeous? I cut out a bunch of pieces last night and realized I had too much pattern going and needed some solids. So I cut out a bunch more. Then I got bored with the whole project and walked away. (Not kidding when I say I have serious undiagnosed adult ADHD).

Not only that, I had promised girl child I would sew something for her American Girl doll so I proceeded to break my serger. So I don’t even have an American Girl night shirt to show you, which is what I attempted to make. And when I say attempted, it was a huge mess. I’ll see if I can finish it up tonight and figure out how to rethread the serger (have no idea) and I’ll see if I can get those cards glued together so you can see how cool they look. And they are soooo easy! Thanks so much for sharing Sandy! You are brilliant.

I was the genius who scheduled girl child an ortho appointment at 7 am after a three day weekend. She proceeded to get lectured on her brushing and was told her wires would be removed if she didn’t step up and take care of her teeth better. I got a lot of dirty looks during the whole exchange, like, why aren’t you making her brush her teeth better? So I’m gonna have to be a tooth drill sergeant for the next month (and probably for the next bunch of months after that) so we don’t get lectured by the dentist again.

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