{MTC + Silhouette Take 2

I’ve discovered…
a) my silhouette doesn’t like me.
b) you have to put the registrations marks as close to the graphics as you can
c) my cuts are a bit off, but I think I need to do some calibration thing which I’m going to do here now.

Now, those whiskers look butchered, but that’s the way they are in the graphic. In fact, the kitties with missing whiskers weren’t missing them until I pulled it off the mat too fast. I had some hanging chads (one corner of the cat) but my blade may not have been deep enough.

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One Response to {MTC + Silhouette Take 2

  1. Kwilt says:

    …LOL…sorry…this somehow makes me feel better that I didn’t get the Overstock coupon code in time…even tried the online chat and couldn’t get them to budge. I was thinking that everyones pnc on the SIL was spot on everytime and that I was missing out. Almost thought that I shouldn’t get the KNK and go with the less expensive Sil. guess not, huh? ;P Techy you will get it all straightened out in no time!

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