{I’ve been teasing you…

and forgot to hook you up with the link so you can get this BETA version of the plug in for your Silhouette. Please keep in mind it will not mess up any of your other drivers. For example, if you are only using MTC with your Expression, it will still work with the Sil driver. In fact, I’m currently using MTC with all three of my machines. I just go up to the menu and select which cutter I’m in the mood for and voila!

Here’s the link to get your driver: Silhouette SD Beta Plug-in

Here is Andy’s video:


Remember not to turn off your registration marks. MTC is smart and knows what they are and won’t cut them. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Also, with some trial and error, LOTS of error, I’ve discovered that having the registration marks as close to the image as you can helps the machine find the marks. I was having a lot of issues with it finding the reg marks, but it’s not a plug in problem, it’s because my Sil doesn’t like me.

Anyway, have fun with it and don’t let it scare you away that you have to align the registration marks. In the next version of MTC, it will all be automatic as Andy needs to incorporate an 8 1/2 x 11 mat into it.

I know Overstock has been offering some deals on it, but Andy links up Accugraphics and they are definitely a great company to buy one.

I wouldn’t mind picking up a second one just because, but I can’t justify it except that I’d take it to school and use it there. It’s so light and small it fits into my book bag.

Look at how close these ones are. The school bus purposely has the white line, but look at that backpack.

It doesn’t get better than that, folks.

Well, it might, but I am 100% satisfied with that cut.

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