{MTC + Silhouette =

And this is what is coming down the pike folks. I did this on my first try with it. I was so impressed with the plug in, the problem was user error. I get that little bit of white with the Studio software and I usually just inset the line a bit and it takes care of it. I wanted to try without making any adjustments first and was blown away.

p.s. I left the photo a little on the dark side because I didn’t want the background to blend in with the white edge of the graphic. I wanted you to be able to see how close it was.

For some reason, when I told Mac to be Windows for a bit, Mac got mad and decided not to print to my wireless printer after my first try. Then when I rebooted and thought I had them happy again, Windows suspended me.

Yep, I got suspended by my computer. I felt like I was told to grab a chair and go sit in the corner. The error I got was “VM Ware will suspend Windows until you free up some damn hard drive space, bitch.”

No, it didn’t really say that, but it did suspend Windows and wouldn’t let me back in until I cleaned off my hard drive. Apparently VM Ware doesn’t like that I only have 4Gigs left on my hard drive.

Damn those Lettering Delights graphics…

Then the printer really wouldn’t work and it was getting late and I was getting crabby, so I had to quit. I hope to play with it more tonight.

But MTC and Sil are going to play nice together. I can just tell. Vista (Windows) and Mac might need to go sit in the corner for awhile until they can behave, little butt heads.

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