{Just thinking…

I know, scary concept, isn’t it?

I was reading about the lady who ran the boycott Provo Craft page on Facebook and how she was getting horrible hate mail from people. Why do people do this? Why are some people so negative in the craft industry?

Isn’t this supposed to be a fun hobby that makes people happy? Then why are some people on message boards and blogs saying negative things?

I just don’t get it. I am far from perfect. I know my mouth activates before my brain… just about all the time, but I’m going to start thinking like Mr. KrapIKut, the engineer. He’s very logical and doesn’t approach things emotionally. Is that what makes the difference? He refuses to get into a conflict with someone unless they truly piss him off. Even then, he will approach it with calm rationality. It’s a bitch to argue with him, let me tell you. I’m the emotional one and I cry easily. It drives me NUTS.

I use three machines. I love them all. I love the Klic n’ Kut. The KNK is made by the same company who makes the Black Cat line (Foison Look familiar?). They are basically the SAME machine with little modifications here and there. They even look pretty much the same. It’s like looking at two kids from different families and going, “Yep, they are the same biologically.” They are sold by different people. If you don’t like the people who sell the machine, fine. But don’t bash the machine. It didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, it does a lot of things right. I’m not going to say the Black Cat machines are bad because I’ve never used one. I have no basis in which to recommend or not recommend that machine. I imagine if one came my way, I would be able to use it without any problem because it is built the same way as the one I have. I am proud of my machine. Does it have its faults? Yep. Nothing is perfect. I can sit here and make you a list of pros and cons of all three of my machines. Keep in mind, it would be my opinion and it would be based on what I use each one for.

Jin, from www.underthecherrytree.com purchased three machines. I admired the logical approach she took to all three machines. She loved the Silhouette. In fact, I bought one after reading her review. She wasn’t afraid to tell the truth about it and mentioned that it has some cons (the cutting width is only about 8″ and it can’t cut anything thicker than card stock are the biggies). But overall, she loved the machine and I feel the exact same way about it.

Then she reviewed the Bosskut Gazelle. I have absolutely no experience with the machine so I have no opinion. I remember when she first mentioned she hated the color and the scuff marks it left on the table. People were criticizing her for making those comments. It was her opinion and she backed up her opinion with pictures. She was very honest about her review of it. She had a lot of trouble getting it cutting it correctly and again, backed up that statement with pictures. I don’t know if she ever got it going or ended up returning it, but if I were in the market for a machine, I would definitely have respected her review. I for one like pink and don’t care about the scuff marks (I have a dark table so they wouldn’t show anyway) so at least I can choose whether or not these things bother me when making my choice. I can imagine that the Gazzy had a learning curve and I would expect that if I ever bought the machine as well.

I for one, appreciated her honesty. I am curious to read her review of the Lynx, because the smaller KNKs are built similarly and am curious on her opinions about using the machine and her overall thoughts about it. I hope that if she finds things she doesn’t like about it, that people will be respectful to her and keep in mind that it is her opinion.

That’s the beauty of choice. We can choose to agree with it or disagree, but we don’t have to attack people.

Finally, the Cricut Expression. I hate what PC has done. I hate it, I do. And I am making the choice to not buy any more cartridges or support their company. But I have nothing against anyone who does. I still love my Expression and I still use it. In fact, I pulled it out yesterday and used “Life’s a Beach” to make some quick surfboards. Sometimes I like not having to design or not having my computer involved with the process. Sometimes I just want to turn the machine on, stick a cartridge in and use it. So that’s what I do.

As you read this (is there anyone reading this??) I hope that whichever cutter you choose to buy, you read honest opinions and don’t let anyone pressure you or bully you into thinking his or her machine is best and there is no other out there. I think there is a machine out there that is best for everyone and I hope they find it.

I for one am going to quit reading the negative comments that have no basis. Instead of talking about what great machines I have, I’m going to use them.

The End.

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2 Responses to {Just thinking…

  1. Kwilt says:

    Thank You!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I just loggged on at lunch and got a notice you posted…yes! I love reading your blog….honest, I’m not a stalker! LOL I was just thinking of emailing you about the KNK Maxx. I’ve been eyeing it since Andy’s plug-in for MTC, and read that you had one and love it…as well as many others. I hadn’t noticed any bashing (or just overlooked it because I didn’t think I was in the market for a new machine) before reading a little reference to it the other day, but did notice a mention on someones blog that they would never recommend it. So it got me wondering why. They appear to look identical, made by the same company-same plant even, same “inners”…huh? I don’t understand other than it’s their opinion. I like it because of color…I’m shallow…and for the fact that it would be much easier to buy assessories from the more than one US distributors. I have two Expressions and a baby bug that I do love, and don’t want to part with. So I agree….it’s about having fun with what what you have or have been given with to play with. I too enjoyed reading Jin’s reviews….and my thought’s about her finding the machine that’s just right for her crafting only makes me think that my choice will be good too…provided I actually purchase it. haha
    Thanks for this post…it’s exactly what I have had on my mind since yesterday! {strange, huh?} You just might be getting an email from me soon!

    • djmom70 says:

      Ha ha! I read your blog too! In fact one of these days, I’m gonna have a blog roll up.

      I’m on my 2nd KNK (sold the first one to upgrade to Maxx) and am very happy with it. If you have any questions or concerns about it, please don’t hesitate to ask. You know I’m straight forward and say it like it is. I wrote a review for it on Jin’s blog and I wrote about the cons to it as well as the pros.

      Yes, I don’t understand why someone would not recommend it and not back it up with reasons why. I totally respect if someone doesn’t like the machine, but think it should be elaborated on. Any negative review hurts a company and that company should have a chance to not only know why, but have a chance to set things right again.

      That’s why I hope when people are looking at machines, they look at all different reviews and make an informed decision. It’s a big investment.

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