Since the world didn’t end yesterday, I had to put together a birthday party for my boy child today. He turned nine. It’s hard to believe that 9 years ago, at 2:45 am, this 9 1/2 pound kid came into the world, not breathing. The cord was around his neck so it took him a little bit to get started. Once he did, I’m pretty sure he cried for four straight years. That time was pretty foggy for me because he was a tough baby and toddler. Then a little bit past four years of age, the clouds parted and this sweet, loving boy emerged. He has been amazing ever since.

I decided at the last minute that I needed to decorate the boring brown paper bags that I was giving out for goody bags and so I made some surfboards. Nothing exciting, but it did the job. Pictures to come later. I just seriously don’t have the energy to pick up my camera, turn on the big imac (where I do all my photo editing), and unload the million and one pictures I took.

So, maybe tomorrow.

Also I made a chocolate peppermint schnapps cake and I put in more than the one required shot of schnapps. I figured the adults at the party needed some sort of reward for the twenty million screaming kids who were bopping around in our pool.

I hope you had a great day Sunday.

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