{The Procrastinator

aka ME.

I offered to make some quick invites for my son’s baseball team party. Of course I waited until 9 pm last night to get started. I downloaded a Pirates .svg I found free online (wiki…whodathunkit??) and pulled out my trusty Silhouette for the job.

I printed and cut out the Pirates logo and then added a external offset to cut out the yellow paper. If I had more time, I would have put a black layer on the invite as well. The PNC is pretty good. I have a bit of a white edge on the right side, but do you really think 11 9-10 year olds are going to give a rats? Nah, they’ll probably just say “cool” and throw it away.

I had to change out the ink in my printer before I could start this. While I love my little $50 Wallyfart (Walmart) wireless printer, it drinks ink like a beer lover drinks beer.

On the back, I did a print and cut of all the information for the party. This time the Sil was able to read the colored paper. When I used light blue paper, it wasn’t happening. This time it did. Go figure.

Meanwhile, I’m wiped out today (didn’t get to bed until midnight and then couldn’t sleep very well).

This waking up before my alarm goes off at six in the morning has got to go.

Have a great day!

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