{Pizza anyone?

Girl child, while heading into middle school and boys and shaving legs (found THAT one out today) and such, still plays with American Girl Dolls. She asked me to make a pizza box for her doll and for her little clay pizza she made. She said she would remake it because it was one of the first ones she made and was still getting used to the clay. Which used to be my sculpey collection, for one of my million hobbies, and now has been taken over by girl child.

I ended up cutting out two pieces of white card stock and gluing them together to make it a little thicker. I think even cutting out a cereal box or something might be a little better, but this one was just practice.

Since I still had CG Phoenix loaded into MTC, I used it for the red pizza letters. I had to thicken up the letters a bit, but the shadow feature in MTC makes that sooooo super easy.

I do need to change my blade out on my KNK, so some of the cuts are looking rough. When I am bumping my pressure up to 115 for card stock, it is definitely time for a new blade. I’ve used this one for about six months though, so it is probably beyond time.

Girl child’s clay pizza fits right inside. Excuse the messy glue around the edges. That was Xyron Gone Bad.

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