{Middle School Monster Part Deux

I debated and debated the forcing of girl child to go to a middle school mixer. Finally, I chickened out. I told Mr. KrapIKut (who also decided not to go) that if HE was going to stay home, he had to make HER go.

So he said, “You’re going to the middle school thing with mom and that’s that.”

…And she laughed at him.

No, not really. She started the whining and fussing thing and then came upstairs and said, “I am NOT going.”

Meanwhile, I was doubting my parental skills as I do 365 times a day and wondering if I should just let it go.

And then this magic thing happened!

The phone RANG. She answered it and spoke for a few moments.

My sweet angel baby returned to my room and said, “Come on Mom, we HAVE to go NOW. We are going to be late!”

I said, “Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?”

I didn’t say that.

But I was thinking that. See? Sometimes I do filter my brain.

She said, “M. is going to be there so we need to get there now!” M. being one of her best girl buddies at school.

Whew, I thought. Saved by the Phone.

And who knew? They do the Hokey Pokey in middle school!

That’s my boy in the yellow t-shirt. He isn’t in middle school yet, but he was in the middle of the Hokey Pokey.

You know the drill about my crappy iphone photos right? I’m hoping that iPhone 5 has a better camera.

Edited: damn iPhone photo came in upside down. WTF?? Figured you didn’t want to flip your head upside down so I fixed it.

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One Response to {Middle School Monster Part Deux

  1. Kwilt says:

    LOL…middle schoolers…they’ll have you going up and down on that old see saw and then decide to jump off just when your at the top and leave ya laying there for dead when your bum slams into the ground. Then 30 minutes later they will come back and rub your head and ask if your alright and if you’ll make them a grilled cheese sandwich! Been there…done that. Enjoy! 😉
    *I have three 20-somethings living in my house now and I’m thinkin’ hubby and I need to move out. LOL
    Gotta love them babies! Hugs…Kathy

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