{KNK and MTC!

The best plug-in evah has been updated…

It’s a good fix for idiots like me. Now you can tell it to cut from where ever the knife is. I’m assuming it’s supposed to go in the lower right corner. I’ll let you know if I decorate my mat today if I’m wrong.

By the way, if you don’t own the program Make the Cut, you need to buy it. It doesn’t work with Krikrap anymore, but it works with so many other cutters. And the best thing ever is that the owner, Andy, constantly updates it to make it better. I’m convinced he doesn’t sleep. If we ask for something, he gives it to us.

He’s like the cutting Genie or something. Make a Wish. Get it. Make a Wish. Get it.

I wonder if I ask for money if I can get some of that. I’d like to have me some of that.


Oddly enough, the Glee version of Dream On just came on my iPod. Do you think I’m getting a message here? Yeah, me too.

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