{Field Trip today!!

I’m not a normal girl. I am not about shopping for clothes and frilly stuff. In fact I equate shopping with going to the dentist. Okay, not that bad. Bathing suit shopping is like getting a root canal. And I’m not a big fan of dress shopping either.

I’m more of a grab-it-off-the-rack and hope it fits kind of girl. Because I just don’t like spending the time to try on a bunch of stuff.

I digress.

I often do, so get used to it.

Today I’m going to my favorite place to shop. Yes, there is such a place for me. It’s like my Nordstrom’s.


Oh, yes. The Apple Store.

Aren’t I a dork? Yeah, well, get used to that too.

I get to go touch all the imacs and ipads and iphones. I also have to take a bunch of 3rd graders in the car with me so they can do the same. It’s actually a fun experience. The kids get to make a video and get a DVD of it to bring home.

So of course I signed up for this field trip. I avoided the whale watching one like the plague. Can you just picture me leaning over the railing feeding the fish? I guess I’d bring all the fish and mammal types closer though.

My luck I’d bring Jaws to the boat and everyone would want to throw me in.

How do I get off on these tangents?

My lappie battery is about to bite the dust though so I’m going to sign off and do something productive like get ready for work. I mean, field trip. I took a half-day off to go to the Apple Store.

I love my life.

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