{Adventure at the Apple Store..

It was fun. The kids made their little video thing and I wandered around the store like a drug addict in a crack den.

I don’t really know if drug addicts do that since I have no experience with them, nor am I one. I’m as straight as they come. My claim to fame is a $300 liquor bill in four days on my cruise. I drank more in four days than I have in two years. Keep in mind that cruise drinks are expensive and watered down. But $300??? Mr. Krapikreate wasn’t mad at all, in fact he was impressed. I glared at him, like, really dude? Do I need to bring up that he let an eleven year old girl cut his hair?

Mr. KrapIKreate asked if I wanted a rum and coke on Mother’s Day and I said, “No thanks.” I don’t need any alcohol for a long while.

Okay, went way off track there. Not even sure how I ended up on that highway.

I came home with a new power cord for my mac book pro, a 1 TB orange hard drive that I have a feeling I can drop and it will live, and a dohickey that will allow me to plug my iPad into a VGA monitor.

Bet you thought I would come home with a new computer, didn’t you?? Don’t think I didn’t think about it because I did. I even tried to justify that I needed a macbook air because 1) I don’t have one and 2) It’s just so little and cute.

But those didn’t seem to be good reasons. And I’m supposed to be saving money.

Which is why I’ll be hiding the Khol’s and the Target bill this month.

I also noticed that Microsoft has their own version of the Apple store a few doors down, but sorry Bill, I’m an Apple Girl.

I just realized I never posted cruise pictures! I must rectify that! However, they are on my other computer so I’m kinda S.O.L. (Shit Out of Luck…yes I speak that computer geeky speak too).

Okay, better get back to work now…

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2 Responses to {Adventure at the Apple Store..

  1. Kwilt says:

    LOL Deb…you are def my kindered spirit! A gadget store full of goodies is my idea of a petting zoo…oh and the side tracked stories…heck, that’s just the journey to the adventure! hahaha. Now I would not have passed on the captain’s and diet! 😉 When we went on our cruise, I did my research and found out you can order bottles of liquor to be delivered to your room. Yes, it may cost twice as much as you would by at the store at home, but you are allowed to bring in cases of soda with your luggage or get the orange juice at one of the buffets, and your set for the trip. MUCH cheaper than buuing at the bar. **I did find a flask like plastic pouch online that I bought to smuggle in my captians…they never detected it on the scanner. hehe
    have fun with your new toys from the Apple store! I’m off to drool some more at the 15″ KNK Maxx…sigh.

  2. djmom70 says:

    Dannnggg. I should have done that. My cruise mate was pretty smart: she met guys who would buy her drinks, but she is young and cute and single and I’m old and not cute and married so that wouldn’t have worked for me.

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