{Happy Mother’s Day!!

I hope you were spoiled. Whether you are a mom to living children, angels, or fur babies, I hope you were recognized today for all you do!

I was.
(Please excuse crappy iphone photo part 1)

Yep, that’s breakfast in bed. And yep, we have those 70s Corian plates. You know what, though? I LOVE those things. Yes, they are uglier than @#$#$#@$, but they are light, clean easy, and store easy.

However, if they break, they break. I’m talking millions of pieces. Mr. KrapIkreate still occasionally reminds me of the matching platter that went to this ugly green flower plate set that I broke. I’ll bet ten years later, the owners of that house are still finding slivers of Corian plate in that kitchen.

My girl punk (age 11 going on 30) made me this:

(Excuse crappy iphone photo part 2) She sewed it by hand herself. Isn’t it pretty? She also sewed me an apron (picture to come later). She said, “Mom, I know you don’t cook, but the teacher made all of us make one of these. I tried to tell her you don’t cook, but she told me to make it anyway.”

My boy punk (age almost-9-in-a-couple-weeks) made me a pretty clay sun. I think I’m going to hang it out by the pool.

Definite pictures to come later, but for dinner, Mr. KIK cooked steak, lobster, crab legs, twice-baked potatoes and cheesy garlic bread. It was so delicious I can barely sit at the computer right now to type this post!!

I totally blew chunks with the Mother’s Day cards. I just couldn’t get my mojo in gear. When it doesn’t get in gear, it really doesn’t.

I’ll get it going again. I think I can, I think I can.

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