{KNK gets its day!


And boy did it ever.

I am so happy it finally has its own plug in for MTC. It doesn’t have to do any kind of “back door” method or “ride on the coat tails” of another cutter. It has its OWN.

And it isn’t it ironic…

Now hopefully all the machines can play in the MTC playground without fighting over whose nuts are bigger. It’s okay to be proud of your machine, I know I am. I hope I don’t sound snarky. If I do, I don’t mean to. It just hurt my feelings a bit that for awhile, it seemed KNK was the red-headed step-child at the MTC board. And those comments in quotes were made to me on the board at one time. I think all the machines have a right to be there and am glad Andy is opening the doors for so many others out there.

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