{Did you know?

Casey Abrams from American Idol is from Idyllwild? Kind of ironic, don’t you think? Idol-wild! Anyway, unknowing to us, we rented a cabin there for a few days and it was beautiful. I kept Maxx pretty busy before we left and made a bunch of cutouts so all I had to do while I was on vacation was read books, put together cards, and enjoy nature. So that’s what I did. We also did egg coloring and hunts with the kids, and took a couple of neat hikes, but I could only do so much.

We made the mistake of taking all four dogs. And regretted that decision because they are small and they are yappy. People (myself included) don’t like the yappy dogs.

I was wishing for my 100mm macro lens on this shot. I only brought my little g12 with me because I can’t lift more than 10 pounds and the 7D with its lens is about 10 pounds. I haven’t mastered bokeh with this g12, though I know it’s possible.

I wish my weeds looked like this. Eww. I over-exposed this. Seriously, I saw these randomly everywhere (like weeds) and couldn’t imagine they had been planted. They must spread like our geraniums do. I’ll have to take a picture of our front yard. It looks like Barney exploded all over the place.

In the middle area of all the cabins, there was this huge play area/park. I learned that I suck at ping pong.

Don’t worry. I’m not drunk. My camera isn’t either. I was playing around with the fish-eye effect.

The main bedroom of our cabin. In fish-eye effect. Just because.

I left behind one of these guys for the owners of the cabin. I put together about 12 of them. I believe the owl is from the mulberry set at Lettering Delights. This was the file I was working on about a week ago. I couldn’t wait to cut it out. I used those linen papers from DCWV. I bought a few sets of those at Joann’s on sale. Just what I needed, more paper.


You know I like to give you the zoom in.

… and zoom out.

Then I had brought the fixins’ (don’t I sound Southern?? I’m not! I’m a Cali girl, born and bred) to make some more penguins. I liked the ones I made for our secretary, but this time I wanted the white part to be popped out, just to be different.

Do you know that book, Tacky the Penguin? If you don’t, you must read it to your kids. It is about a bird who doesn’t conform to the other birds and shows us all that being unique and different is okay. I had Tacky in the back of my mind when I chose the colors for these cards. Conform? Me?? Nooooooo.

Remember the Imitation Bow Easy from the previous post?? I made these little bows because I decided I wanted my Tacky Penguins to be Tackyettes. It took me awhile to get the hang of making these little bows, but there’s no way my fingers could have done that!

Then I got daring and made two loops!! I’m the pro Imitation Bow Easy girl now!!

At least I am in my mind. Go with it.

BTW, I’m not affiliated, but I get the twine at http://www.thetwinery.com. I think that’s the web link.

Well, that’s all from me. I actually won’t be on the computer at all from Weds. until Monday. I may go into withdrawals. I’m already going to be in family withdrawals, but I’ll tell you about that when I return.

I think I should put those lettering delights glasses on my Tackys. What do you think? I could make them in hot pink or something cool.

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