{Imitation Bow Easy…

Have you seen these things? They are these nifty little devices that help the bow-challenged like myself make bows. I drew one in the KNK software and cut it out on a flexible chopping mat (they are 2 for a buck at the Swapmeet, but I’ll bet your nearest dollar store has them as well).

I had to put the blue blade in Maxx and went the highest pressure and ran about 4 passes. It didn’t cut all the way through in all the places, but it provided enough score that it snapped right out!

So I guess I proved I can probably cut right through the Silhouette mat (I was wondering that awhile back) because these flexible cutting mats are a touch thicker. I will probably cut down the remains of it and use it for a future Sil mat.

Here they are:

By the way, I picked these up at Mike’s for a buck a pop and they are perfect for holding crap up when you want to take a pic of it.


I can’t share the file as the Bow Easy was created by someone trying to make money and I totally respect that. I redrew mine a bit differently  to change it up a bit.

I haven’t mastered the bows I make with it yet, but once I do, I’ll share a picture of those. Right now they still look like crap. There’s You Tube videos out there to show you how to use these things as well.

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