{portable studio backdrops

I’ve seen those portable studio backdrops and thought they were about a hundred bucks though I just discovered this on amazon for $50


It includes lights and stuff and actually is a pretty good deal. But if you are cheap like me and just want to take pictures of your crap you make, you can make one of these:


Here is a top view of it:


I made it out of a cardboard display board, a piece of plexiglass, a piece of marine cloth, and duck (ha ha ha stupid autocorrect, supposed to be duct) tape. I cut the display board down because those things are huge. I cut a rectangle out of the left side ( you want to cut out the side that’s going to be close to the window you are going to use). I taped a piece of plex I raided out of Mr. Krapikreate’s garage (but you could use a piece of acetate or something else clear) and then taped the cut off piece of display board on the bottom to give it more support (again, not necessary, but be prepared from some backdrop tipping over.

Then I used some binder clips to drape the marine cloth over the back and “floor” of my mini studio. Again you can use a piece of poster paper, material, or even white vinyl with the backing still on.

The key is that the right “wall” needs to be white. I’m no photo pro, but it serves as a “bouncer” because otherwise one side of your object will be lit up and the other side will be dark.

Remember in third grade when you practiced shining a flashlight on a beach ball simulating the sun’s light on Earth? Remember how the U.S. Would be light and Australia would be dark? Same effect except you want Australia to be light at the same time when you are photographing an object.

I don’t use a flash but I do “trick” my camera into exposing higher otherwise it meters all that white and thinks “yo you don’t need so much light” when you do. This is why they put a snow function on your camera. Otherwise your snow looks gray.


I cut off a bit of my card but I always like to show close up. See how the right side of the card is lit up too? Think Australia.

Now let’s say you get bored with a white background and you want something a little different.

I clipped a piece of green scrapbook paper onto my backdrop and with the help of my iPad box and True Blood DVD boxes I have a different background.


Here’s what it looks like below the card:


If you have any questions just holler!

P.s. I do have a nice Canon 7d digital SLR but I’ve been taking these pictures with my Canon G12 and uploading them straight out of camera onto my iPad. Normally I like to sharpen and enhance my pictures a little but I’ve been lazy and am frankly satisfied with what I’m doing with them.

P.s.s. Obviously you need it to be daytime to use my little set up here as the window is necessary for it to work.

P.s.s.s. I’m not writing this from prison. We have those bars on the lower half of the window because when my kids were babies I had this fear of them falling out. Guess they are old enough now they can be removed.

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