{Been MIA

I had surgery on Tuesday and the recovery has been a little more than I thought. I’m really itching to get up and around though because I found out that SCAL has been updated and you can now use it to cut with the silhouette. Hopefully I will also be able to use it with the KNK with the black cat driver (as I can in MTC). That will be huge for me because SCAL is also MAC-based. I wish Andy would add that in MTC, but it doesn’t sound like he’s going to, but that’s okay. I can still run it in WINE and although it has a few quirks, it works. One weird quirk is in regular MTC you can keep clicking on an image and the anchor handles change to resizing, rotating or skewing. On the WINE version, it doesn’t happen. Kind of weird, don’t you think? I think at one time it did, but I don’t want to mess with the version I have installed because I don’t want to lose the ability to cut to cricut.

So, while I can’t create anything (and I have a few birthday presents I’m working on), I can design stuff on the computer when I feel up to it. So I did a little of that last night.

This is from lettering delights simple frames. I think it’s the first one. I saw the cutest baby card…gosh, don’t remember where and I thought I needed to make something similar.

I also want to make the owl shaped card from the mulberry lane collection. This will be the shape of the card…I just copied, aligned, flipped and welded the base layer to make the card.

Then I cut and copied all the pieces to it on another page.

It will look something like this when it is done:

I’m very excited to try to cut .svg files with the silhouette through SCAL3. So I need to get better so I can play.

I’m going to be doing great if I make it to B’s baseball game today. If I can stay out of the bathroom (which so far this morning I have done pretty good!), I’m going to attempt to go.

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