{sillywet box

I have a ton of digital scrapping crap. I mean a ton. So I dug out this box I got from www.shabbyprincess.com and went to work in silhouette studio.


See the red line on the graphic? That’s the cut line. I inset it by .02 to account for the white you get around the edge.

So I sent it to my printer. I normally use epson matte photo paper but a certain punk of mine took it (while claiming she didn’t) so I’m out. I used glossy presentation paper instead. Not my paper of choice.


Isn’t it pretty all printed out? I thought so too.


I sent it to the sillywet and it is working hard! I’m just watching. I’ll have you know it cut the whole box faster than it took me to use an exacto knife to draw the slit in since I forgot to do it with the machine.

I put the box together. This required tape and mad skill.


Another view:


You can tie a pretty ribbon or stick crap on it to pretty it up. I was happy to call it done.

There are definitely more print and cuts in my future. Though I do need to complain about the sillywet mat. It is crap. I spent twenty minutes scraping crap off it because it is TOO sticky.

I have a pretty good idea that mr. MAxx would eat that mat for a snack. I’d go right through that thing.

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