{hee hee hee…

I actually got to be crafty at work. Yesterday I was reminded that I was supposed to make invitations to our staff lunch so I ran home (actually drove, much faster) and picked up my krikrap and brought it back to work. Some of the volunteer moms helped me and we made 75 invites! I haven’t taken a picture yet, so just imagine a cupcake shaped invite and you’ll get the idea. I used the delilah frames from lettering delights and the krikrap just butchered them. I don’t know if I have my settings wrong or just need to change my blade, but I wasn’t impressed. Oh well, a good ole pair of scissors solved the problem. I hope the teachers like them. The moms and I worked hard AND I got to create at work. Gotta love it.

Too bad the Sillyette (haven’t come up with a good name for it yet, just go with it) hadn’t arrived yet. It would have been a breeze to do the print and cut part. Instead I did it the old fashioned way… I cut the images out first and ran it through my printer with some repositional glue. Kind of a pain, but it works.


The back:



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