{I did it

I ordered one of these babies. It is $189 at Overstock.com and it does print and cuts with ease. I’d hook you up with an youtube vid but I’m too lazy to google it. They are out there. I can’t imagine that people are spending nearly $500 for that cricut imagine when this thing does nearly the same thing for a lot less. Don’t forget to add my $50 wireless Canon printer from Wallymart. So for half the price, you can do the same thing. I’ll bet the ink is a lot cheaper for my printer than it is the Imagine. I’m actually curious of the cost, but to lazy to look it up.

I’ve been updating my angry birds file because when I played it the other night, I realized the birds have a black border around them. So I redid the breaking apart part. I haven’t uploaded it yet because I’m not quite finished, but I’ll upload them if you want them.

Recently our other secretary at work fell down and broke her leg in two places. I don’t know, there seems to be some bad juju floating around and three people have broken something in the last month. I gotta stay away from whatever it is. Anyway, V. likes penguins and she likes blue, so I made her a set of these:

You’ll have to excuse the crappy picture. I took it with my iPhone at night and well, it just isn’t the greatest, but I figure you get the idea. I also told it to turn and it didn’t so don’t creak your neck turning it 90 degrees. Don’t think I got this cute idea on my own. I got it from Jin at www.underacherrytree.com. (I really tried to link this up but something’s not working at the moment). If you haven’t checked out her website, she makes the cutest stuff. And she enabled me to buy that little toy above as well. So maybe don’t go there if you need to save money. Just kidding. Do it and do it with resolve: I-won’t-buy-anything.

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