{Card purse


I made this. I even created the file so you can make one too. So get thyself over there.



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{happy Mother’s Day

Am blogging by the pool. My house is being cleaned, my car has been washed, and I received sunflowers, a caramel frap, bacon for breakfast and rolos. I think there is lobster in my future. I made some box cards for the moms and grandma.


They are so fun to make.





They fold flat. Sort of



Have a great day and check out http://www.teamknk.com and you can get the file to make the basic card. I used sizzix dies for the flowers and Martha for the leaves, border, tag, and butterflies. I used Photoshop to make the word art since I didn’t have a Mother’s Day stamp.

Enjoy. Excuse the crappy iPhone pictures.

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{Box cards…



Kinda cool. Something different. Go check it out! Go! Go NOW!

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My post is up. You should go look at it. And give me love. Yeah, I’m blatantly asking for it. That’s how I roll.

Besides, I’m on a pity party for one. A student accidentally tripped me yesterday and I twisted my bad knee.  I woke up this morning hurting pretty badly. I’m all braced up again.


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{Owl cards

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I love this owl that M. Pierce uses.


In fact, if you haven’t read the book Night Owl. Do IT. It was one of my favorite books of 2013. Get it here.

It is such a well-written book. The second one comes out in early Summer. I can’t wait.

Anyway, I used the above owl to make a little set of cards. I cut the owl out in black card stock and then put him on 4.25×4.25  kraft cards with a 4×4 punched background (I can’t believe I actually purchased Martha Stewart punches. I did. And I love them. So there.)


These pictures aren’t great, think my lens needs to be cleaned. I used the G12 to take these.

Here are the individual cards close up, in case you’re interested:

20140302-IMG_1270 20140302-IMG_1269 20140302-IMG_1268 20140302-IMG_1267 20140302-IMG_1266 20140302-IMG_1265 20140302-IMG_1264 20140302-IMG_1263

I have a stamp that says “You’re a Hoot” and I can’t find it! Oh well, I used other assorted greetings, so it works.20140302-IMG_1262

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{Birthday cake box card


Go. Go read my post. And comment on it if you love it. Yes, this is a blatant plea for kudos.

Happy Friday!!

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{A little catch up here…





I need to think of a project for this month. That’s the worst part…thinking. The doing part isn’t so tough.

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